Majolica wall brackets and pockets: for a larger image click on a photograph
G Jones majolica wicker wall pockets

Item number - 3567

A pair George Jones majolica wicker and bamboo wall pockets .

Height -10 inches


Item number - 3486

A rare George Jones majolica hummingbird wall pocket .

Length -14 inches

Delphin Massier majolica  bird wall pocket

Item number - 3307

A Delphin Massier swallow wall pocket .

Length -7 inches

Clement Massier majolica wall pocket

Item number - 3328

A Clement Massier bee wall pocket .

Length -10 inches

worcester majolica wall pockets

Item number - 3167

A pair Royal Worcester hummingbird wall pockets .

Length -8.5 inches